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Huntingdonshire Labour County Council Candidates 2017

Huntingdon North and Hartford

Nik Johnson

Originally from Northumberland, at 18 years old, I left home to train to be a doctor  in London.  Huntingdonshire has been my family home for almost 10 years, and as well as my place of work, it is also  the focus of my day to day life. I believe passionately in the idea of public service. As a local children’s doctor at Hinchingbrooke hospital, I am privileged to have a job which places me right at the heart of the local community, allowing me to meet, help and support people from all walks of life.

I am motivated to stand as a Labour party candidate to combat the cuts to council services and fight for a fair deal for the people of Huntingdon North and Hartford.

St Neots The Eatons

Rob Gardiner

I served as a nurse in our NHS for 40 years, also then working  as a shop steward for Unison. In both roles I acted as an advocate for individuals and families experiencing crises in their lives.

Since retiring I have worked as a volunteer in various settings. In Food Bank; as patient representative in local surgery; as member of group helping with transport to hospital appointments.

Why Labour? To oppose privatisation of the NHS. To say No to academisation. To defend access to social housing and affordable homes. To support people confronting cuts in social care and benefits.

Huntingdon West

Patrick Kadewere

Before I was elected, community complaints in Huntingdon were not taken seriously. The issues included dangerous footpaths, bad lighting, potholes, badly-maintained bridges, anti-social behaviour including speeding, and drugs. I believe I have succeeded in getting things done about all these problems on behalf of the community. I listen, involve you in making decisions and report back. I will always fight for a fair deal from the County Council for people living in Huntingdon West. I will campaign against cuts that make any reductions in the police coverage. The strong community ties that I have helped to foster in the area with “Unity in the Community” should be continued and strengthened to include all residents of the North Ward.

St Neots East and Gransden


Steve Hinchley

I am standing for election to make a difference for St Neots East & Gransden over the next four years.  My family and I have lived on Loves Farm, St Neots for the past six years – enjoying the wonderful sense of community that has been fostered.  We have one child at the Round House Primary Academy and another to follow (if there is a place available). With this in mind, I am particularly concerned about the future of schools funding in Cambridgeshire.  Indeed, the challenge of securing improvement in public services, whilst the Government focuses on Brexit, is something I am passionate about.

St Neots Eynesbury

Sam Wakeford

A long-time Labour activist born and bred in Cambridgeshire, with a background in education policy, and now a trade union official working with the NHS across the East of England. I am privileged to work alongside health professionals who give their all to serving our community, and I believe passionately in protecting their ability to do so and defending our public services. I am convinced that Eynesbury can gain from having a dedicated Labour voice speaking up for Labour values on the County Council, which has so much power over our local education, transport, public health and social care.

St Ives South and Needingworth


John Watson

I have lived in the Huntingdonshire and St. Ives area since moving from London in 1980. In Cambridge I worked for a well known academic publisher and printer until retiring  in 2009. St. Ives is a delightful town and, I would, if elected hope to both maintain and improve council Services and facilities. This government is shackled to austerity policies and the damage caused to front line is on-going. We need further investment in the area to improve life for all.

St Ives North and Wyton

Sam Feeney

I grew up in St Ives in the early 1980s and moved back 7 years ago. Much has changed in that time, though thankfully we have not lost our town’s charm and our wonderful nature walks along the river and around the fields and hedgerows. Some of that change has been welcome – the town is increasingly diverse and is. Some of that change has been challenging for many – roads! Some has even been disastrous for a significant minority of us – high rents, little social housing. 1 in 10 children in relatively affluent St Ives now live in poverty. In some postcodes it is nearly 17%. We now have a food bank, staffed by dedicated volunteers. But much of that poverty and struggle is hidden behind closed doors; invisible and clouded in stigma and shame,

We are a generous town but we also need a change from it being taken for granted that St Ives is a Tory town. We need to elect a team of Labour county councillors prepared to stand up, value and defend all the services that most of us need at some point in our lives. I have worked across the public and voluntary sectors for over 25 years, and currently work as a young people’s counsellor and mental health worker with Centre 33 in Huntingdonshire. I feel passionately about creating the best opportunities for people, young and old, to live with dignity and respect; without the fear of slipping through the net. I invite you to join us in creating that change which really will make all the difference in such challenging times.

Huntingdon South and Godmanchester

Samuel Sweek

I am standing as councillor for Huntingdon South and Godmanchester because I want to address the issues that matter most to the people of the town. Brought up in Huntingdon myself and now bringing up a young family in Godmanchester, I believe I know what people want and need from the County Council. And as a Parliamentary adviser to a popular charity I have been able to work with well-known politicians to bring defibrillators to schools around the country. I can achieve similar success on a range of local issues.

I believe that unity and team work are two of the greatest attributes we can possess as a community and as councillor I will work toward building the strongest and most equitable society, particularly in these times and with our expanding population. I want to be a fresh face on the council and I believe I can be part of a change to make this a stronger community.

St Neots Priory Park

Christine Green

I am a newly-co-opted town councillor, standing for County for the first time. I care passionately about Labour’s core values – fairness, equality and compassion – and would seek to be guided by these.  I share your concerns about the expansion of St Neots and its effects on services especially our doctors’ surgeries, the social care system, and our traffic problems. It is important that you can communicate with me easily and I promise to listen, and sincerely represent you. I am not interested in power struggles and grandstanding’, but believe in collaborative working whenever possible, and in being open to the merits of views that differ to my own.

The Hemingfords and Fenstanton

Rob Leach

Ten years resident of Hilton I stood for the district council in Fenstanton in 2015  and secured second place for Labour for the first time in many years. I believe in supporting all the residents of the Hemingfords and Fenstanton in securing affordable homes, decent services, transport and health care and resisting the increasingly negative effects of austerity policies on everyday life. Having brought up three children in Cambridgeshire and engaged with education, health and social services I am keen to improve these as well as street lighting, roads and public spaces while increasing police presence and other contributors to community security.

Brampton and Buckden

Sue Foster

I have lived in Brampton since 2000 and feel like I have never lived anywhere else.

Having grown up in the 60’s and 70’s in the outskirts of London where opportunities and aspirations were lacking, politics have always been important to me.

A teacher once told me that politics is at the centre of our lives, it plays a critical role in everything: health, education, security, environment, employment, well being.  Since then, I began to take an interest in how political decisions not only impacted my life, but more importantly, society as a whole.

As a Labour Party candidate, I believe in a compassionate, fair and more equal society for all, protecting and investing in our local services and listening to the residents of Buckden and Brampton.


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