Cambridge & Peterborough Mayoral campaign

 Messages from Fiona Onasanya and Kevin Price, Labour Mayoral candidates, sent as emails to Labour members in the county – you should have your paper ballot forms and link to the Electroral reform Society website. Please vote by email as it is cheaper for Labour.


1. Kevin Price

Kevin Price with Chris York of North West Cambs CLP in Ramsey for Labour’s NHS Campaign Day.

Dear Robert,

Over the last two weeks I have really enjoyed meeting with many Labour members at the hustings in Cambridge, Huntingdon and Peterborough. Answering questions raised at the meetings and talking to members after, it is clear that they share many of the same concerns wherever they live across the Devolution Deal area, and when I joined Labour members of North West Cambs CLP on last Saturday’s NHS Campaign Day in Ramsey, most residents we talked to also shared the same concerns.

They are concerned about fairness and the inequalities which impact so harshly on communities in both our rural and urban areas. The severe funding cuts imposed by the Tory government means that local authorities are struggling to tackle inequality and poverty. That is why, as Mayor, I want to set up a Fairness Commission for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough which will be an opportunity to talk to residents, voluntary organisations and businesses about what matters to them – housing, wages, education and skills, transport and health. The Fairness Commission will develop a clear mandate for the Combined Authority to put tackling inequality at the heart of all its decisions with shared goals, developing initiatives that can lead to real change and making sure that further devolution deals are focused on social justice and meeting the challenges of poverty and deprivation.

They are concerned about housing and how the term ‘affordable’ has been diluted first by the Tory and Liberal Democrat coalition government and then by the Tory government so that it has become almost meaningless. Meanwhile homelessness in all its forms, from rough sleeping to sofa surfing or those in emergency and temporary accommodation, has more than doubled since 2010 and continues to rise year on year. That is why, as Mayor, I want to break the grip of perverse Tory housing policies on social housing providers and councils by agreeing an area-wide framework for affordable housing across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough and setting out that the cost of affordable housing should not exceed one third of an average household’s gross annual income. I want to work with housing associations to deliver 2000 new mainly social rented homes at Local Housing Allowance rental levels by allocating the £100 million devolution housing grant to housing associations who will prioritise delivering homes for rent and not for sale. The Labour led Cambridge City Council can and will build the 550 new council homes agreed through the Devolution Deal, but most councils across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough no longer own their own stock so, as Mayor, I will also encourage them to set up innovative council owned housing companies to build and let homes at rents set at and below private sector market rents with a minimum 3 year lease.

We need a radical and ambitious manifesto which will make clear that only Labour will stand up to the Tory government and only a Labour Mayor will deliver on tackling inequality and deliver on new genuinely affordable rental homes.

If you vote for me as Labour’s candidate I will work with all the Constituency Labour Parties to create a manifesto that works for all of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough which recognises that different areas need different approaches to local issues but is based on my top four priorities of:

  • sharing growth across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough and easing growth pressures on Cambridge by strategic planning across the whole Deal footprint, and tackling inequality by investing £600 million to transform disadvantaged communities.
  • Building affordable housing for those in need. Tackling the housing crisis that has seen families lose their homes in St Michael’s Gate, Peterborough or forced to live far away from work in high priced areas like Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire.
  • Delivering better rail and bus services by tackling inadequate and expensive bus services including to often isolated rural communities and investing with Network Rail in major improvements to rail links and stations.
  • Working with local communities to keep decisions as local as possible and provide a visible strong local leadership and partnership approach across the county and at Westminster.

You will find my contact details below. Please vote for me to be Labour’s candidate for Mayor. Tweet or email me to support my campaign and join my team to win for Labour in May 2017 by offering to help now with leaflets, posters or coming out on the doorstep with us.

Best Wishes

Councillor Kevin Price

Twitter: @nivekder
Facebook: Kevin4Mayor

Supported by Unite the Union.

2. Fiona Onasanya

Dear Robert,

I come to you not just as a Labour mayoral candidate, but a fellow party member concerned for the future of our region. This is an opportunity to use devolved mayoral powers for the benefit of everyone.

There are three main areas I would like to focus on which I feel are of key importance:

HOUSING – making affordable housing truly affordable for all
BREXIT – securing the best deal for people, education and businesses
TRANSPORT – providing better access to services and jobs

Devolution has the potential to bring benefits to all areas both economically and in terms of local decision making, and the mayor will need to make sure decisions benefit all areas.

As your mayor I would use my best endeavors to ensure we take steps in the right direction – together, refining the focus of government and sharing growth across Peterborough and Cambridgeshire.

This is a real chance for us to utilise the powers transferred to us for the local communities we work so hard to support. The housing offer is £100 million for affordable housing through housing associations throughout Cambridgeshire, and £70 million for council housing in Cambridge – which, is a significant step forwards given the context of the current government.

However, we need to make sure that the offers made to us in the devolution deal are an accurate reflection of negotiations, namely that housing proposals for Cambridge are consistent with the city housing plan‎ and that a proper system of scrutiny is in place in respect of offers made to Peterborough.

To guarantee this we need a mayor with integrity and strong negotiating skills who puts people and communities at the heart of decisions made.

This county has had no overall control ‎throughout the time I have served on it, so working together and managing differences of opinion is something I am very familiar with.

I know we have some big challenges ahead of us, considering the Brexit result and impending trigger of Article 50, however we have managed to secure this devolution deal and can continue to achieve successes like this.

I would seize this opportunity as mayor and seek to concentrate my efforts upon the work at hand such as working with government on the continued regeneration of Peterborough town centre and to secure a Peterborough Enterprise Zone – attracting investment from business leading to more and better quality jobs for residents.

Transport to rural communities and the City Deal should be made to work in as fair a manner as possible, better connecting people for their needs, whether work, vital appointments or leisure.

I am a Solicitor, who believes in helping others,

A candidate who is a Deputy Leader on our county council, A candidate who pays attention to detail and wants to be the change she wishes to see

I am seeking to be your choice for change and I would ask for your support as the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Labour candidate.

Together our Labour will not be in vain.

Best regards,

Fiona Onasanya

SH 1102, Shire Hall , Castle Hill, Cambridge CB3 0AP

Twitter: @fiflowertot


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