General Election June 8th 2017


It felt so close at 1 am this morning. We had done sampling sheets of the count for the first time and it showed us neck and neck with Djanogly in the 15 polling stations we were able to sample.

Fenstanton – Djanogly 140, Nik 87

Great Gransden – D 60, N 40

Great Paxton – – D 50, N 29

Hemingford Grey – D 29, N 24

Huntingdon central – D 60, N 94 (!)

Little Paxton – D 98, N 72

Eynesbury D 38, N 44 plus D 56, N 42 plus D 75, N 46

Longsands Academy, St Neots – D 153, N 142

Eaton Ford – D 48, N 27

Eaton Socon D 58, N 44 plus D 80, N 81

Loves Farm – D 10, N 27

Then  we saw the piles of ballot papers with one table for each candidate – UKIP (Bullen) – empty; Lib Dem (Cantrill) – empty; Greens (McLennan) – empty. Djanogly and Johnson tables both groaning under the weight of the ballot papers.

But then, the psotal votes came in and Djanogly’s vote seemed to double. The closed minds of the Djanogly zombies beat us into second place. But it was Labour’s best result in Huntingdon since 1945, and if you take the geometrical progression in votes from 2005 to 2010 to 2015 (10,000) to 2017 (18,400), we should be near Corbyn’s 40,000 next time….

Latest Campaign planning meeting

Latest Campaign planning meeting notes Notes of Campaign Meeting 15th May 2017

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Eastern Region Candidates

These are the candidates that Labour is putting up in the Eastern Region. We are pleased that Dr Nik Johnson is our candidate again after his huge upturn in the Labour vote two years ago, when he beat Liberal Democrats and UKIP into third and fourth places. With a lacklustre Tory MP in Jonathan Djanogly, who even the local conservatives find hard to support, we have a better chance than ever to give him the fright of his life.


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