Grammar Schools; how can we counter the Tory arguments?

One of our members on Monday asked about the background and data on reasons why grammar schools are so divisive & why their re-introduction should be opposed and this article may be of help for those of us out campaigning on Saturday who maybe asked by members of the community.

EPI grammar schools report: the 7 key findings

The full article is well worth reading but the key bullet points are:

1. Grammar schools have no ‘overall impact’ on attainment

2. …or social mobility

3. Poorer pupils, and those with SEN and a first language other than English, are under-represented at grammar schools.

4. Attending a grammar school has “no benefit” for high-attaining pupils’ ‘best 8’ grades.

5. Pupils travel twice as far to go to grammar schools

6. Selective schools are more likely to be academies, but less likely to have a religious character

7. Indian and Chinese pupils are over-represented at grammars, while white British and black Caribbean pupils are under-represented

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