Join the “200 Club”, win prizes & help support the CLP

Dear Colleague,

The Constituency runs a “200 Club” which is our main source of income and we’d encourage you to become a member to help the local party

The winners are drawn monthly at the CLP meeting which is held at the Medway Centre Huntingdon on the 3rd Monday in the month. For every £1 invested monthly you have a number allocated in the draw; there is no limit to the numbers you can hold and many members have several numbers.

On joining you will be notified of your number or numbers. We aim to pay 50% of the takings in prizes and the administration costs are kept to a minimum.

Present prizes are:

1st £40,

2nd £25,

3rd £15

4th £10.

A balance sheet and a list of prize winners is sent to members every January, the surplus money only goes to the Constituency funds and all prize money is paid out in the same week as the draw.

With an increase in the Party’s activities and the huge jump membership this must be a good time to increase the “200” Club’s membership, so if you’re not already a member or want to buy some more numbers, get in touch straight away.

You can pay by Bankers Order and you can download a copy of the form here and send it to me by email or hand it over at the next meeting or by post (most members pay this way) to the address below.

If you’d like to pay the whole year up-front, we can accept a cheque. 

I look forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes

Jim Lomax



Promoter:- Jim Lomax   2, Windsor Road  Godmanchester  Huntingdon         PE29 2DD                 Tel:- 01480354023   

e-mail :-    

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