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Labour works for you in Huntingdonshire District Council and Huntingdon Town Council. We do not have councillors in other Town or Parish Councils in the area or Cambridgeshire County Council. We will fight for the new Huntingdon North ward in the County Council election in May 2017 with Nik Johnson, our 2015 parliamentary candidate, as county councillor candidate. He got 10,000 votes then, let’s get him elected next May.

Examples of how we fight for you are improving roads, bin collections, parks, the bandstand, play areas and old people’s centres. We started the newsletter and it still carries on.

Vote Labour in all local electons to get a better Huntingdonshire. Labour councillors will stand up for you in the face of Tory government cuts.

We will fight to save the Commemoration Hall in Huntingdon and stop a late night nightclub in the Octagon in St Ives.

We back local residents’ ideas to revive St Neots town centre and combat the ruthless car and up-market development focus of the current St Neots plan.

We will stop Huntingdonshire District Council robbing town and parish councils of their central government grant, and using the community chest for core funding instead of welfare. They have already closed the Maple Centre Café and Foodbank this way, And we will work with other organisations, political and non-political, to save the Hinchinbrooke Hospital Accident and Emergency Department.

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