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Congratulations to Leedo on winning the prestigious News Person 2016 award

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Update 29th November 2014


Indian Glamour comes to Huntingdonshire – St Ives Hosts National Dance Festival

Mollywood glamour came to St Ives last weekend as thousands of British Indians flocked from across the UK to St Ivo’s school for the UK National Kalamela 2015 dance festival and to meet star guest Mollywood A-lister, Vineeth Kumar.

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It was quite a coup for local Labour councillor Leedo George to bring this prestigious festival to St Ives, beating competition from Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham and London. A colourful spectacle of South Indian dance, the Kalamela featured dazzling performances on three stages. In between shows you could sample delicious South Indian foods like Iddli, Sambal and Dosa. The Malayalee Kalamela festival celebrates a culture shared widely around the world, as well as in the UK there are Malayalee associations in Australia, America, Canada and many other countries. Malayalam is spoken in South India by 35 million people and many millions more throughout the world.

District councillor for Huntingdon North Patrick Kadewere enjoyed the show. Patrick said

“This is amazing. To think that over 5,000 people should come to St Ives for a national dance event, and what an event! Incredible performances and a wonderful atmosphere all round.”


The Kalamela at St Ivo’s was the final meeting point for hundreds of contestants who have won their respective Regional Kalamela held over the past few months. The day included stunning displays of dance in various categories including solo dance and group dance for both children and adults. It was also an opportunity to show off beautiful hair design, jewellery, makeup and spectacular costumes. As well as expressive dance to a range of music and song other competitions included Children’s singing (English or Malayalam), Costumes, Storytelling, reading and elocution, and traditional Malayalam singing.

Franklin Fernandes from Gloucester won the Kalaprathibha award. “Kalaprathibha” means the overall male winner of a number of different dance style challenges. The female equivalent is “Kalathilakam”, and Sneha Saji and Riya Lal shared the Kalathilakam award. Gloucester Malayalee Association was the winning Association. The Midlands region won the best region trophy. An even bigger event is planned for the Burgess Hall in St Ives next April, this time with four stages.


See more pictures here.

Update November 2014

As usual Leedo has been engaging with people throughout Huntingdon, many people outside his ward of Huntingdon North coming to him for help with jobs. He has personally helped over thirty people to find jobs in Huntingdonshire.

Bonfire Night at Thongsly in Huntingdon North has long attracted some people who created dangerous incidents. This year the situation was much worse. The fire and rescue team had to come and get things under control. Leedo was with the fire team there and helped to restore safety and order. Many community members later raised their concerns around a few people in the area who have made some trouble every Bonfire Night. Leedo is pursuing these concerns with the police and local agencies.

At a recent council meeting Leedo raised the need for a cricket pitch at Sapley sports field near Coneygear Road.


Leedo is organising a massive event for South Indians on November 21st at St Ivo school St Ives.

Introduction to Leedo, May 2015

Hi all

It gives me immense pleasure to announce that I have been elected as a Labour councillor for Huntingdon North in the Huntingdon District Council election on May 7th 2015 and also on Huntingdon Town Council Now Patrick Kadewere and I can jointly represent you as Labour councillors. See my District Councillor web page and my Town Councillor web page.

I like to think that I am an everyday person representing the everyday people of our community. I offer 100% commitment to the well-being of all the people in my ward. And I will undertake the task of representing you without prejudice and without regard to differences of creed, custom, colour or language.


I will be with you every step of the way as we take Huntingdon forward to increased prosperity and fairness. Huntingdon has been named one of the most beautiful and harmonious places in the UK, but we all know that there is a lot to be done to make Huntingdon a better place for us all to live in.


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