Patrick Kadewere

Labour Conference September 2016


Jeremy Corbyn, Richard Howitt MEP, Patrick


Alex Mayer, East of England Parliamentary Advisor, Patrick, Anna Hayward from Huntingdon CLP at Conference 2016

May 2016

Patrick was re-elected with a thumping 43% of the vote, an unprecedented majority. Here is the piece from the Hunts Post and Patrick on the stump.

ScreenHunter_675 May. 11 09.09patrick on the roof

March 2016

We are now printing my main election leaflet. We will be delivering it in Huntingdon North and I will make an effort to meet every single Labour voter during the next month. I will also write to all the Labour postal voters, who can vote anytime from April 19th to May 5th.

PK Huntingdon leaflet 2016v3_Page1


I launched my campaign for re-election with a Hunts Post news release – Patrick gets support from Corbyn and McDonnell.

We had a great campaigning day in Thongsley and The Whaddons on March 11th and are planning many more to come..  pk calling card p1 pk calling card p2 for the Hunts

January 2016

I attended excellent meetings with John McDonnell, Shadow Chancellor, and Richard Howitt MEP.

patrick and john mcdonnell patrick richard howitt etc IN

October 2015

Photo 2


I raised some questions on behalf of residents about the Bridges on Coneygear Road which need painting and also warning out. The results were fruitful, the executive councillor on the Cabinet responsible for Environment Robin Carter joined me to collect evidence. The bridges are going to be replaced and some graffiti has been removed and an Abandoned car in Robertson Way was removed.





We have set up an Internet Club injunction with CCC and DWP at Maple Centre to help people apply for jobs and helping them with writing their CVs.


Photo 1









Helping our elderly with their gardening and so on using volunteers.

Photo 3b







See Council meetings report


In 2012 Patrick Kadewere defeated the Conservative Chairman of the District Council, Jeff Dutton, and gave Labour their first seat on the council since 1999. Now in 2015 he is on the Town Council too. People often came to Patrick for advice on a wide range of subjects across the community while he was working at Hilton Meats. After completing his Team Leading course and gaining a wealth of experience and confidence, Patrick set up the Huntingdonshire Community Group. He is married to Marion Kadewere who is a health worker and is also standing for the Town Council. See also Patrick’s District Councillor web page and Town Council web page.

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