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Register now to be sure to have a vote. You have to register yourself – your family or college cannot do it for you anymore.

Or if you want to send the form by post, you can print off a paper version here Register to vote form.

Make sure your local Electoral Registration Office gets your application by 5pm, at least 11 working days before election day.

There is a huge drop in first-time voters on the electoral register. Make sure you’re registered at When the history of this Government comes to be written, one of the great scandals will be over an issue that is only now beginning to emerge in the final days.

Hundreds of thousands of people are losing the right to vote in our country because of decisions taken by ministers to rush through changes in the law. In the last year almost one million people have fallen off the Electoral Register, hundreds of thousands of them young people. This is a direct consequence of the government’s decision to ignore warnings that rushing through new individual registration reforms would damage democracy. It has.

Having broken their promises on tuition fees to young people, having failed to build the economy that will work for them, having short-changed their future, this is David Cameron’s final insult to young people. He is sitting by and watching hundreds of thousands of young people in our country lose their democratic rights.

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Encouraging everyone we met in Huntingdon town centre to make sure they’re registered.

This is what Jeremy Corbyn says about registering to vote:

“…the Tories sneaked out a plan to strike millions of people off the electoral register this December.  It means two million or more people could lose their right to vote.  That’s 400,000 people in London. It’s 70,000 people in Glasgow. Thousands in every town and city, village and hamlet all across the country That’s overwhelmingly students, people in insecure accommodation, and short stay private lets.  We know why the Tories are doing it.  They want to gerrymander electoral boundaries across the country. By ensuring new constituencies are decided on the basis of the missing voters when the Boundary Commission starts its work in April 2016.  From today our Labour Party starts a nationwide campaign for all our members to work in every town and city, in every university as students start the new term, to stop the Tory gerrymander. To get people on the electoral register.”

Jeremy Corbyn, Labour Annual Conference Speech, September 2015

(see full version here)

Sadiq Khan MP, Labour’s Candidate for London Mayor, responding to the Written Ministerial Statement on the Speaker’s Committee on the Electoral Commission, says: “nearly a million voters disappeared off the register and these figures published today confirm Labour’s worst fears.They are a direct consequence of  the way the Tories and Liberal Democrats hastily forced through changes  to the way people register to vote. Ministers ignored warnings from experts, including the Electoral Commission, that young people, students and people living in private rented accommodation risked losing their vote, pushing ahead regardless, over-riding sensible safeguards that would have prevented this from happening.

This is a disaster for our democracy.

The result of this General Election will have huge consequences for the young. It will affect education and training at schools, colleges and universities. It will have an impact on the quantity and quality of jobs available afterwards. It will affect the rent paid for a first home and the chances of buying one. But it is precisely these young voices which are being silenced.”

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