Help us make certain of a Labour government in 2020

Help us make certain of a Labour government in 2020

If you are not ready to join the party, you can become an
official supporter if you belong to a Labour-affiliated
Trade Union or other organisation.

Labour’s great advantage over the other political parties in
this country is our people. We have more members and more

But there are many more people who support our party
and are connected to us through our affiliated organisations such as
the trade unions. This wider Labour movement can provide
us with a vital bridge to the communities we seek to serve, helping
Labour to listen to, understand and represent Britain.

Affiliated supporters must be members of a trade union or
another organisation affiliated to the Labour Party, which pays
an affiliation fee to the Labour Party on their behalf. Affiliated
supporters must also be on the UK electoral register.

Our aim for supporters is that this won’t be the end of your journey with
the Labour Party. Whilst for some becoming a supporter might be as far as you go,
we always encourage supporters to join the Labour Party as full members.

Apply to be a supporter Sign up here

Or download the paper application form instead. supporter application

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