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“Working class voters DO vote for the Corbyn Labour Party”- by Andrew Murray, chief of staff at Unite, the UK and Ireland’s biggest union. He worked on the 2017 Labour general election campaign

Working class voters love Labour more under Corbyn

“Why should I vote for The Labour Party – the Labour Party is for losers?”

The person made their views perfectly clear before slamming their front door shut. The Labour Party is for Losers.

Let’s just think about that for a moment. The Labour Party is for losers….

The person on the doorstep thought that was a valid reason NOT to vote for Labour.

I’d say the very opposite is true – it is very the reason WHY people should vote Labour.

Not everyone can be a winner in the game of life. In fact very few are. For every “Tory winner” there are ten times as many losers. In parts of this this so-called affluent commuter area with a Tory MP enjoying a 20,000 majority one in ten children are living in abject poverty or relying on a food bank.. and the number is growing. Meanwhile 40% of (the 79,000 residents) residents in Huntingdonshire earn under £30,000 .. the average is £27,000.

There is a desperate shortage of social housing. This coupled with the average home costing £313,000 and extortionate private rentals means many youngsters have no prospect of living independently in their own homes. Social care cuts. Education cuts. Hospital cuts … the cuts go on as austerity continues to bite. Despite “all being in it together” it is the many – the so-called losers – who are most affected rather than the privileged few.

So – Yes we stand up for “losers” and the poor and the disabled and the LGBT community… we stand up for them because no-one else is. So yes, Labour is a party for losers… And I’m proud of being a member of a party that cares about the losers – and speaks up for them.

So we need to hammer home to the doubters on the doorsteps that a vote for Labour on May 4 – and June 8 – is vital to ensure a fairer society for all….

Not just the so-called winners….

Nigel Pauley 27th April 2017

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