Members survey on EU

Angela Hogan asked for these questions from the Europe discussion to be put to members. Remember we discuss the EU with Alex Mayer on Monday November 16th at 8pm in the Huntingdon Medway Centre. There are only five questions – please respond. Initial responses from 47 people are below the survey link.

Q1 – general membership: 38 for, 5 against, 4 undecided

Q2 economics: 44 for, 1 against

Q3 social and TTIP: 38 for, 2 against, 5 undecided

Q4 allies and Parliament: 40 for, 3 against, 1 undecided

Q5 16 and 17 year old votes: 30 for, 9 against, 5 undecided

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  1. I agreed with all bar giving 16-year old the vote.

    I strongly object to TTIP as it will only assist big business doing whatever they like to make more profit.

    The EU does need to trim its cost, as we are all having to do.

  2. So far responses are overwhelmingly positive for all five parts of the motion.

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