Help! More back-door NHS shenanigans by Hunt

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt is trying to sneak through new NHS plans. [1]

The Guardian newspaper has revealed that a key NHS blueprint has been slipped out – the public have a right to comment, but the government “has deliberately kept it quiet”. [2]

Because of this cover-up, we’ve now got just two days to flood the Department of Health with messages demanding the NHS is protected. [3]

It’s not hard to see why Jeremy Hunt would try to sneak NHS plans through. The NHS is facing a dangerous winter, harmed by needless cuts and privatisation. [4] Hunt wants to claim that the public are happy with the way he’s running the NHS. So the last thing he wants is a huge public rejection of his latest plan.

We’ve got until the end of Tuesday to send our objections to the Department of Health. Let’s tell them that we want an NHS that is properly funded and available to everyone, and that we don’t want privatisation or to have to pay charges to get an appointment.

Please can you send a quick message now?  


The NHS Mandate, which Jeremy Hunt is trying to sneak out, is a big deal. It “sets the government’s objectives for NHS England, as well as its budget.” [5] These plans mean continuing privatisation policies and a dangerous funding squeeze. [6] It would suit Jeremy Hunt down to the ground to be able to claim that no one registered any objection to these plans!

But Jeremy Hunt has been found out – and luckily we still have two days to protest against his destruction of the NHS. Let’s respond in our hundreds of thousands. Then when the results come out, they’ll be embarrassing for Jeremy Hunt because they’ll prove that the public don’t like what he’s doing to our health service.

Please click here to spoil Jeremy Hunt’s attempt to sneak his plans through – you’ve got 48 hours until the deadline, and it will only take you two minutes: 


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