CLP meeting this Monday 15th Feb starts at 7.45pm

A reminder that this starts slightly earlier this month because of the debate that is likely to follow the discussions on Trident.

One of the main agenda items for the next CLP monthly meeting on 15th will be to discuss and vote on whether or not the Labour Party should be in favour of further huge investment into the Trident nuclear missile program or whether this money could be better spent on other much needed priorities or if it’s a moral stance to be against this spending.

Speaking in favour of the motion is John McTernan – one time political adviser to Tony Blair. We are hoping to have a representative from Labour CND to speak against the motion in this very important debate.

This promises to be possibly one of the most passionate & lively discussions we have held to date and we’d strongly encourage everyone to attend, to hear the arguments for and against and to make your voices heard in the vote at the end.

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