Angela Eagle exposes the Tories’ shameless lie about ‘compassionate conservatism’

Since 2010:

Over 1 million people have been forced to go to foodbanks and over 1 milllion benefit claimants have been sanctioned – often for utterly trivial reasons.

Dying people have been found fit to work, one woman in a coma was found fit to work. People have committed suicide.

Homelessness has soared, the bedroom tax has caused untold misery.

And the Chancellor has talked about workers and shirkers stigmatising all benefit claimants including those with disabilities. This has led to a discernible increase in hate crimes against them.

I hope the Chancellor is proud of that record. But it is clear that this is not and can never be called ‘compassionate Conservatism’

Angela Eagle – response to Budget, March 22nd 2016 (courtesy of The Mirror)

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