Move along please, Councillor Ablewhite!

The Police & Crime Commissioner elections are not far away (Thu. 5th May) and candidates from all political parties have been trying to grab the attention of local residents. But it seems that not all are playing by the rules…

To canvass on the streets of Huntingdon, the candidates need to register with the council, pay a fee and stick to the pitches they’re allotted. That contract, it seems, wasn’t good enough for the Conservative candidate Councillor Jason Ablewhite, who decided last Saturday (19th March) that he’d do rather better for himself if he set up his stall in a much more promising position in the town centre — in clear violation of the terms of his contract with the Council.

So, is it a case of one set of rules for a Tory councillor, (who happens to be Leader of the Council) and another set of rules for the rest of us? Thankfully no. Happily — for all but a very unhappy Mr Ablewhite — the town-centre rangers enforced the Council’s rules, and promptly moved on the gaffe-prone councillor.

Dave Baigent, the Labour candidate, was campaigning nearby with all of the necessary permissions and licences and pointed out that while we could all laugh at the ridiculousness of the events, there was a very serious side to this farce too: “How can someone who exploits his own rules and bye laws be trusted to be the public’s face in law enforcement?” he said. “The public rightly expect candidates to have integrity and high moral standards — and Mr Ablewhite clearly lacks both”.

For comment from Dave Baigent please phone him on 07802495329

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