PCC Elections — Urgent Help Needed To Elect Labour Candidate Dave Baigent

PCC Elections — Urgent Help Needed To Elect Labour Candidate Dave Baigent

The Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC) elections will be held on 5 May 2016. We aim, through the election of a Labour PCC (Dave Baigent), to secure a better, fairer deal for policing in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough — and we’re appealing for the help of local Party members to do so.

The PCC Election Campaign
The election campaign will focus on the cuts that continue to be imposed on our police force by the Tory government. We will highlight the negative impact of these cuts, both on public safety and on local residents’ confidence in policing.

We will also demonstrate how the current Tory PCC has betrayed local residents by implementing their Party’s massive budget cuts without question, and emphasise that Dave, as a Labour PCC, will work tirelessly for local residents, challenging every unreasonable policing cut that is proposed by Theresa May and her Home Office officials.

How You Can Help
To make the campaign effective, we need local stories and concrete examples — it would help enormously if CLP members make Dave aware of any instances where local law enforcement seems to have failed residents as a result of the cuts. For example, “police told Mrs Smith they wouldn’t interview her about the theft of her garden ornaments because the crime was a low priority,” or “Mr Smith had to wait 72 hours before he heard back from the police about the theft of his car.”

The thrust of these stories will be hugely supportive of the police themselves — we believe that they are working incredibly hard to protect society and uphold the law, but are being hampered in their efforts by the Tories’ deep and ill thought-out funding cuts.

Note that if we’re to use any example, the affected person will be asked to give written permission to use their name and possibly picture in any press release or publications.

Please contact Dave’s press officer, Julie Williams (01945 584 774), if you require any further information. You can also find out more about Dave’s background and vision for policing on his web site (www.davebaigent.com).

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