Steve Sweeney to speak at the next CLP meeting on 21 March 2016

We’re delighted to welcome Steve Sweeney to our next monthly meeting to talk to us about trade unions and political campaigning.

He is currently a National Organiser for The People’s Assembly Against Austerity and recently was a speaker at the 60,000 strong “Stop Trident Rally” held in Trafalgar Square on 27 February, alongside Jeremy Corbyn, Nicola Sturgeon, Caroline Lucas, Leanne Wood, Vanessa Redgrave and others.

Steve started his professional career as a mental health nurse in the NHS where he became involved with public sector trade unions, campaigning against NHS cuts.

steve sweeney - stop trident 270216

Since then Steve has held a number of posts in the trade union movement including Regional Official for GMB and is currently a member of the Unite London and Eastern Regional Committee. Steve also, up until recently, worked for the national newspaper The Morning Star.

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