Nik Johnson back on the election trail


A year on from the General Election , I am back on the Campaign Trail.

Last year it was the whole of Huntingdonshire but come May the 5th this year I will be standing for the Councillor post in Eynesbury and Eaton Socon along with Tony McNeill .

It is an area I know well – I seem to pass this speed limit sign a hundred times a week going in and out of town. Visits and work at Sam Pepys school some days, possibly swimming lessons or football training down at the Leisure Centre and then the endless hours spent in Tesco negotiating the aisles .

I particularly enjoyed campaigning around Eynesbury last year -definitely some of the warmest welcomes to a prospective Labour parliamentary Candidate in the whole of Huntingdonshire .Also it was the sight of a fair number of “Vote Doctor Nik” campaign boards .

I will be out and about tomorrow hopefully with the sun shining Please get in touch if you want to know more – I will try to reply as soon as possible .

I am often asked , ” Why do I keep doing it ? “.

My answer , ” Because if you do not stand up for what you believe in , how can you ever challenge and change the policies of those who are in charge when they are doing things that you believe are so very wrong for you, your family, your friends and society as a whole both locally and nationally.”

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