Tories running their usual fear, uncertainty & doubt campaign

Dishonourable Conduct — an open letter on the tactics of the opposition. They’re running scared…

Make sure we vote them out on May 5th!

This letter was sent for publication to the Hunts Post. They’ve not yet done so.

“Having read much of the literature produced by our local councillors that has come through my letterbox, one still stands out as the most appalling.

The document produced by five conservative councillors in late March and given the ironical title of ‘St Ives Matters’ (See some examples of the nasty content of ‘St Ives Matters’ below) was filled with what turned out to be half-truths and the spinning of data. This publication by the district councillors smacked of desperation for power and their attack on the Town Council was unwarranted and divisive.

Councillors should be running a campaign of hope and optimism that inspires people to vote. Instead the five councillors have chosen to wage an ugly campaign in an attempt to mobilise a turnout for entirely negative reasons

The production of this scornful literature made me consider the District Council’s Code of Conduct. This I am glad to say promotes what are referred to as ‘the Nolan Principles’. The declaration in the Council Code is based upon the principles of selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership. In my estimation the five councillors have probably fallen short of these principles in many areas.

In section 3 of the code, the heading is General Conduct and the actions you must take. The statement that stands out is to use your position as a member in the PUBLIC INTEREST and not for personal advantage.

The good news is that we nearly all have a vote in the coming local elections and let us look at the candidates who are standing with reference to their respect for public service and the promotion of our historic town.

Still there within living memory is the fight the Town Council had to put up to preserve our now vibrant and busy Corn Exchange against the District Council’s wishes to develop the site.”

Philip Sly
St Ives

See some examples of the nasty content of ‘St Ives Matters’ below



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