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Last 9 days – leafleting Wed 15th June 7pm and Thur 16th June 7pm in Huntingdon, plus Friday afternoon in St Neots.

Great analysis by Clive Lewis MP, Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign manager and MP for Norwich

Wed June 1st – 4pm Huntingdon Town Centre with Daniel Zeichner MP

Other events

We will have a table with EU map game in town centres

St Ives 21st May 12 noon town centre

St Neots 28th May 12 noon town centre

Huntingdon 4th June Riverside Gala 10am Riverside plus 12 noon town centre outside Sainsbury’s as before


Oxmoor Huntingdon Thur 19th May Meet Lord Protector 5pm (note earlier start)

St Ives High Leys Wed 25th May Meet Annie and Phil’s 18 Freston Close 2pm

Godmanchester Kisbey Ave Cambridge Villas Anderson Cresent Wed 1st June Meet Co-op car park 2pm

St Neots Eynesbury Sandfields Thur 9th June Meet 2pm at Lidl car park

Please let me know what times and dates you can make – an obvious Labour presence in Huntingdonshire is key to our longterm success.

If anyone would like to leaflet at other times let me know and I will provide a batch – please stick to Labour voting areas

Rob Leach, Campaigns Manager 07736 257148 or

Big guns speak out for EU

McDonnell – Time to rescue EU debate from Tories’ “Project Fear”

John McDonnell wants to “rescue” the EU referendum debate from the ‘Project Fear’ of the Tories.  The shadow Chancellor accuses “all sides of the Tory Party” of negativity, despair and infighting.

This is the latest sign that the Labour leadership will campaign completely separately from even pro-EU Conservatives in the run up to the vote on June 23.  High profile labour movement figures, such as former TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber and McDonnell’s predecessor-but-one Ed Balls, have shared platforms with Conservatives in order to make the argument for the UK to stay in the European Union.  But Jeremy Corbyn has made clear that he will not follow suit and will use the next five weeks to make a specifically left wing case for a Remain vote.

John McDonnell is taking a similar approach.  Although it has been confirmed that he will share platforms with other parties, appearing on a tour with Green Party figures, he will not extend the hand of friendship to In-campaign Tories.  Instead he will hit out at the negative tactics of the Conservatives, and suggest that the referendum is only taking place because of internal Tory Party politics.

“I want to rescue the debate from the negativity and ‘Project Fear’ coming from all sides of the Tory Party,” McDonnell says. “The referendum resulted from the splits in the Conservative Party and their fear of UKIP, and as a result the debate has degenerated and brought out the worst in Westminster politics.

“People want facts, but more importantly they want to see the progressive alternative – not just negative Tory infighting.

The shadow Chancellor lays out a “vision” for the EU, based on “hope and solidarity”, arguing for a reformed Europe based on extending workers’ rights and tackling climate change.  He says: “It’s time to turn this debate around, drive out the politics of despair and offer a vision for Britain and Europe, one where we protect workers’ rights, tackle tax avoidance, get to grips with climate change and protect our industries like steel.

“This is a vision of Europe based on hope and solidarity.”

Gordon Brown says – EU could be biggest British job creator of the next decade

Speaking at a Labour In for Britain event at the University of Warwick on May 12th, Gordon Brown argued that we should lead, not leave, Europe, and highlighted the positives of European cooperation in employment, fairness and the environment.

In assessing the case for Britain’s membership of the European Union, he argued that our starting point should not be what best serves the interests of the European Union but how we can best meet the needs and aspirations of the British people.

He argued that this referendum is not so much about the future of Europe as the future of Britain – about the people of Britain and the kind of country we want to live in, now and in the future.

He said: “In short, European co-operation is the best way to secure more jobs, the only way to curb tax havens, the most effective way to tackle illegal immigration and terrorism on our borders and a progressive way to address climate change and guarantee minimum standards at work.”


He highlighted how vital trade with Europe is for British jobs, and the prospects for future job creation if we vote to Remain:

  • ·         200,000 British companies trade with Europe.
  • ·         More than three million jobs in Britain are now linked to Europe.
  • ·         Hundreds of thousands of new British jobs could be created over the coming decade if we stay in Europe, as the single market expands into digital, financial services and energy – areas in which Britain is a world leader.

He argued that Britain can harness EU co-operation to create new jobs, guarantee minimum standards in the workplace and tackle climate change.

1.5m Young People might miss out on the Referendum Vote

As part of the Labour IN for Britain “Battle Bus” tour, Alan Johnson, Chair of Labour In for Britain, and Gloria De Piero, Shadow Minister for Young People and Voter Registration, have been meeting young people to set out how young voters could be the difference in this campaign.  They have been pointing out that:

Young voters will be key to securing a ‘Remain’ vote on 23 June but around one in four (1.5 million) 18-24 year olds have still not signed up to vote on June 23.

EU membership is vital to young people’s futures. UK higher education benefits greatly from EU funds and academic exchanges, and over 790,000 more jobs could be created by 2030 if we stay, through new trade deals and the opening up of markets in digital services, energy and tourism.

Nearly twice as many 18-24 year olds back voting to Remain than those aged 65, but they are only half as likely to say they will definitely vote.

With only until 7th June to get on the register, it is vital that that young people know what is at stake in this referendum.  Anyone not registered yet can do so at

14 infographics with the reasons to remain in the EU

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42 days to stay in the EU

With 42 days to go until the important European Referendum, there’s plenty of campaigning activity to get involved with locally. Check back here regularly to find out about Labour In for Britain campaign events in your area to make the Labour case to keep Britain in the European Union ahead of the referendum on 23 June.

Whilst fighting to keep Britain in the EU is our key priority, another top priority for Labour Party members is having your say as we develop our policies for 2020.

That’s why we’re holding a series of policy forum events across the region in May, to enable Party members to take part in the process.

The events will take place in:

– Luton: Tuesday 24 May, 7pm, Rooms 2 -5, Luton Central Library, St. George’s Square, Luton, LU1 2NG. We will be joined by Luton South Labour MP, Gavin Shuker. Register here.

Ipswich: Saturday 28 May, 2pm, Ipswich Library, Lecture Hall, Ipswich County Library, Northgate St, Ipswich IP1 3DE. We will be joined by Cambridge Labour MP, Daniel Zeichner. Register here.

All of the events will be preceded by or followed by Labour In for Britain campaign events, details of which will be confirmed nearer the time.

I hope you will get involved in ensuring Britain remains in the EU and shaping Labour Party policy for the future.

Best wishes,

Cameron Scott

Regional Director
East of England Labour Party

Daniel Zeichner MP

daniel zeichner heroic square

After the referendum

Daniel Zeichner, Labour MP for Cambridge, will discuss the meaning of the referendum result the evening after it happens, June 24th in Huntingdon Town Hall. He is also campaigning with us on Wednesday June 1st in Huntingdon Town Centre at 4pm

Huntingdon Town Hall, 24th June, 7pm – 9pm

Daniel Zeichner, MP for Cambridge, will give a talk and lead a discussion on the meaning of the EU referendum result – whether it is IN or OUT. Hosted by the Huntingdon Labour Party, this event is free and open to all. Whatever your views – or if you have no view – this evening will help you to think about what happens next in our relations with the EU.

Labour_IN_for_EuropeIN in Huntingdon

Healthier in the EU – the three main unions join in


Labour’s In for Britain Eastern Region Launch

Huntingdon Labour’s EU Referendum Champion, Phil Sly, found himself in a photocall with Richard Howitt MEP, at the meeting at Bedford Quakers on Thursday 4th March

philip sly and richard howitt


This is the leaflet we will distribute around our heartland of Huntingdon North:


Please download and share!

Euro Referendum – June 23rd it is!

Adapted from Labour List 23rd February 2016

Now that we have a date, Labour’s campaign to remain in the EU stepped up a gear on Monday when Alan Johnson warned that 50,000 manufacturing apprenticeships could be put at risk if Britain votes to leave.  Alan, who heads the Labour IN for Britain campaign, was responding to days of Tory infighting by setting out the economic case for staying in the 28-member bloc and highlighting its support for manufacturing and high-tech jobs.

Speaking at the Airbus plant in Bristol as part of an attempt to set out the practical case for remaining in the EU, the former Home Secretary said a decision to leave the EU would mean “letting down” young British workers as part of an impassioned plea to protect the manufacturing industry.  Around 50,000 manufacturing apprenticeships in the UK are dependent on exports to the EU, Johnson said:  “For each one of those apprentices, gaining skills, earning a good wage and working towards a career, we can’t let them down, turn our back on the world and cut British manufacturing and industry off from their largest export market.”

His speech comes after several days of Tory rows including Boris Johnson’s declaration for the Out campaign, as well as that of six other Cabinet ministers. The London Mayor later tried to argue that a vote for Brexit could form the basis for a second round of negotiations on Britain’s future inside the EU – a view ridiculed by David Cameron.

Alan Johnson avoided a lengthy discussion of Cameron’s deal – but warned of the impact of Brexit on British industry.  He said: “For UK manufacturing jobs, our EU membership is absolutely critical. Two thirds of British jobs in manufacturing are dependent on demand from Europe.  That’s two thirds of our manufacturing base reliant on that single market access and Britain’s membership of the EU.  That’s over 1.5 million manufacturing jobs here in Britain.”


Message from Labour IN for Britain to Huntingdon Constituency Labour Party
On June 23rd the British people will face a choice, whether to stay in Europe, or to leave. Labour is fighting to keep Britain in Europe.
This is the one of the most profound political decisions the British people will take. The wealth and power of our country and our citizens will all be on the ballot paper.
Here are a selection of Labour resources to help you fight this campaign to keep Britain in Europe.
Labour In for Britain Campaign Days
Labour In for Britain campaign activity on 27 February in March 12.30 to 14.30 Town Centre

Labour In for Britain Resources
You can now find a range of Labour In for Britain resources available on the Campaign Creator Asset Library, under the ‘Labour in for Britain’ tag. There you will find model newsletter and direct mail copy, 6 versions of the Labour in for Britain logo (including Scottish and Welsh bilingual versions) and other resources. These can be inserted into Campaign Creator print products or downloaded and used in offline campaign materials.
Access all the In for Britain campaign resources here.

Labour In for Britain in the media
Alan Johnson’s Labour In for Britain speech at Airbus
Why a vote to remain in Europe is the patriotic choice
Alan Johnson comments on the date of the referendum
Leaving the EU could put 50, 000 Apprenticeships at risk
Jeremy Corbyn says Britain must stay in Europe
Social Media
The official #LabourInForBritain twitter handle was launched yesterday, please follow us for the latest from Labour’s campaign to keep Britain in Europe.
Please use #LabourInForBritain to promote your campaigning activity in the run up to and during the campaign.
Brian Duggan
Head of Labour In for Britain



As you will now know, the referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union will take place on 23 June 2016 – that’s not much more than 20 weeks away! To coincide with the confirmation of the date of the referendum, our activists across the region will be taking part in a special campaign day this Saturday, 27 February.

Will you join the team on Saturday Feb 27th and put our case to voters that we should stay in the EU to safeguard Britain’s security, jobs and economy?

Across our region, members will be out in force campaigning at street stalls and door knocking –  all you have to do is click here to find out where your nearest campaigning event is.

Want to find out more about the Labour In For Britain Campaign? Simply click below!

There are also key local and Police and Crime Commissioner elections happening on Thursday
 5th May. To help out in these crucial elections, simply click the link here to RSVP for your nearest campaigning event!

Thank you for your support and I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail.

Best wishes,


Cameron Scott
Regional Director
East of England Labour Party



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