Say no to racism march and Unity in the Community event

n that Huntingdon is not a racist town. The March on Saturday July 16th was conceived in response to the hateful laminated cards delivered to Polish homes with a racist message in Polish and English, and many of us wore t-shirts from Red Molotov saying we welcome migrants – in Polish. We marched from Riverside via Market Square to the Medway Centre, to speeches by Dr Nik and accompanied by BBC, ITV and  German TV crews. Cambridge News also took video. We chanted ‘say no to racism’ and ‘what do we want – tolerance. when do we want it – now.’

When we arrived at the Medway Centre Councillor Patrick Kadewere welcomed us and led us into the Unity in the Community event, which was opened by Mayor Daryl Brown who told us that in his inaugural address he said ‘Huntingdon welcomes everyone’ and he was very happy he had chosen that message. Councillor Leedo George introduced the event and thanked all the participants. We had a great time with Indian dances, a band, great international food and stalls of all kinds. See below for 50 pictures and here for a 5 minute video of the speeches by Rachael Speake.

NB Now including 28 more pictures of the event – another 65 at Unity in the Community website.

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