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philip sly and richard howitt

Leafleting June 12th-22nd in St Ives, Huntingdon, Godmanchester and St Neots. Joining Britain Stronger IN Europe campaign St Neots Sunday 12th June 11am-3pm; joining other Labour IN and Stronger IN events too.

– contact Rob Leach for details.

Wed June 1st – 4pm Huntingdon Town Centre with Daniel Zeichner MP

Other events

We will have a table with EU map game in town centres

St Ives 21st May 12 noon town centre

St Neots 28th May 12 noon town centre

Huntingdon 4th June Riverside Gala 10am Riverside plus 12 noon town centre outside Sainsbury’s as before

Oxmoor Huntingdon Thur 19th May Meet Lord Protector 5pm (note earlier start)

St Ives High Leys Wed 25th May Meet Annie and Phil’s 18 Freston Close 2pm

Godmanchester Kisbey Ave Cambridge Villas Anderson Cresent Wed 1st June Meet Co-op carpark 2pm

St Neots Eynesbury Sandfields Wed 8th June Meet 2pm on green by Hare and Hounds pub

Please let me know what times and dates you can make – an obvious Labour presence in Huntingdonshire is key to our longterm success.

If anyone would like to leaflet at other times let me know and I will provide a batch – please stick to Labour voting areas

Rob Leach, Campaigns Manager 07736 257148 or

Tory infighting over EU a joy to behold

The Tory infighting over Europe has reached such a pitch that it’s giving poor old Sir John Major headaches and blinding flashbacks. The Guardian reveals that in a speech tonight at the Oxford Union, the ex-PM will warn of long-term dangers as “some of the Brexit leaders morph into Ukip, and turn to their default position: immigration”.

Major says the dangers are of ‘long term divisions in our society’, though it’s clear he also means there’s a real risk to his party’s community cohesion too. No.10 is acutely aware of the problem of how to heal the Tory party after June 23. And the Sun has a story on plans by David Cameron to use a reshuffle to reunify his party, with Liam Fox tipped as the favourite Brexiteer due a comeback, possibly replacing Grayling as Leader of the House.

Foxy turned down a junior role in 2014 but may be tempted by a return to Cabinet in what Craig Woodhouse says would be a reshuffle pencilled in for June 30. The Sun piece includes one rumour doing the rounds this week among Tory MPs: that Jeremy Hunt could be shunted to Transport. That would clear the way for Boris to take on a big brief, or for Nicky Morgan to move from Education (where again Boris could be installed).

One reason Fox is said to be in line for a reward is his ‘measured tone’ so far in the Brexit debate. And he’s long been close to George Osborne. Yet the Vote Leave camp are not very measured in their fury with the Treasury and Mark Carney after the Governor’s warning of Brexit-inspired recession yesterday.

IDS pointed out just how dire the Bank’s forecasts had been. At a breakfast yesterday, he also vented years of frustration with the Treasury, calling it “the worst thing in Britain” and demanding it be broken up. “The average age in the Treasury is 27…They have no collective memory for any agreement or decision that had been taken before they arrived at their desks.”

Christine Lagarde of the IMF is at the Treasury this morning to deliver her regular review of the UK economy. Sometimes at these events, the Chancellor appears alongside her. Will he today? And will either of them be asked about this eye-catching Express headline today: “Meddling EU planning a BAN which could spell the end of sex toys and kinky underwear.”

  • from The Waugh Zone, Huffington Post May 13th

philip sly and richard howitt

Debate at Huntingdon regional College tonight April 14th and Richard will speak at joint Cambs meeting at Warboys Sports and Social Club tomorrow April 15th 7pm

Britain Stronger in Europe, a joint enterprise of all parties, will lead the IN campaign across the political spectrum, while Labour IN for Britain continues to be our main platform.

Scientists for EU

Whoomp – there it is. The Nature poll is now out, showing that fewer than 1 in 8 UK scientists think the UK should leave the EU. How would a Brexit impact UK and EU science? Half think that it would be “very harmful” to UK science… but only 15% think that it would be “very harmful” to EU science. Please read & share.

Labour In for Britainp1 and 6p3and4p2and3IN in HuntingdonLabour_IN_for_Europe

Richard Howitt at Cambridgeshire Local Campaigning Forum

Jan 23rd 2016

Richard’s talk to LCF:

I will not give key EU referendum messages today. That should be done at CLP meetings. Alex Mayer did the job at Huntingdon and I am doing so at other meetings. Today I’ll give news on the campaign and CLP roles in the IN campaign. I must reiterate that we are not about balanced in-out arguments. Labour policy by Conference, MPs, policy forums and the Shadow Cabinet’s strong assent is to stay in the EU. As Jeremy Corbyn says “If the UK leaves the EU, the weakest will become even weaker”. So the IN campaign is an integral part of Labour’s overall campaigning, and IN leaflets, templates and supporting documents and images are all on the Labour website.

The referendum will be in 20 weeks’ time.

we will have a referendum date of 23rd June.

Our Labour IN campaign is called ‘Labour IN for Britain’.

Alan Johnson is the face of IN, our figurehead and spokesperson. We are very pleased with this as he has a good reach to working class voters and a general positive reputation.

There will also be a cross-party IN group, to ensure we get government funding, but this will not involve joint appearances by members of all parties as in the Scottish referendum. It is generally agreed that Labour’s cozying up to LibDems and Tories there was a mistake and worked badly against us in the general election.

We need to appoint a Referendum Champion in all CLPs (Phil Sly in Huntingdon). I will email and post leaflets to all HCLP members at his expense.

The closed Facebook page ‘Labour IN for Europe’ can be accessed if you email as a Labour member or registered supporter or affiliate.

There are 1000 free ‘Labour IN for Britain’ leaflets available per CLP.

The IN campaign wants all members and supporters to take the questionnaire which replicates the referendum question to gauge support. This EU issue is of low salience for people generally, and we do not expect CLPs to mount IN specific campaigns but integrate IN campaigning within local and general campaigning.

The IN campaign is of very high salience for Labour. Success in the EU referendum, which Alan Johnson characterises as the most crucial decision of our generation, will lead to success for Labour elsewhere and expose the divisions among the Tories.

Responses to comments from LCF members

EEA status

People cite Norway and Switzerland as successful non-EU countries. However they pay the same amount to the EU as we do, and have no influence. Norway’s EU laws are delivered by fax or email from Brussels as dictats. And their free trade status is dependent on also allowing free movement of labour, so no change to UK migration laws would be possible if we want a decent trade relationship with EU were we to leave.


On migration, one persuasive argument is that if we remove the two million EU migrants who are here, we would also have to accommodate the 2 million UK citizens who currently work in other EU countries and would have to come home.


Re the Common Agricultural Policy, the 50% subsidy farms used to get is down to 30% but is still vital to farmers. We need more reform but it is a democratic process with support across the EU. Leaving the EU would be very risky for farmers who would lose their subsidies and their migrant labour. I will know more about agriculture in a week’s time as he is boning up on it in preparation for a debate with Europhobe Tory Bernard Jenkin next Friday in Colchester.

Social protection

Remember all the EU progressive laws that would not exist under an unbridled Tory government. For example, labour introduced the gas boiler regulations that now prevent carbon monoxide deaths across the EU.


We can push that leaving the EU is a risk to business. I would like to meet Huntingdonshire business people, scientists and academics, to enlist their support. It is notable that the 3 Eastern region UKIP MEPs and the three Tory MEPS never go to EU business meetings which dole out £27 million in our region in projects. My website lists them.


Only 6 Labour MPs have signed up to the anti-EU campaign. If we win the IN campaign it could be a massive boost for Labour in 2020.

EU Bureaucracy

Don’t say this on the doorstep as it is a complex message to get across, but the EU is not a vast unelected bureaucracy any more than Whitehall is. Both are sets of public servants obliged to carry out the policies of elected ministers. In the case of the EU there is a double lock on the bureaucrats – both national and EU elected assemblies have to agree policies. And Proportional Representation gives rights to minorities in the EU.

We need to devolve more to national parliaments and this is Labour policy. Denmark insists that an MPs’ committee agrees EU policy with a minister before they go and negotiate in Brussels. David Camron does not want this democratic accountability of his Brussels deals.

reported by Rob Leach for Huntingdon CLP

Labour In for Britain side 1

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