The Huntingdon Regional College Hustings

Election 2015 debate

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Nik made a barnstorming series of pledges including a passionate address about Hinchinbrooke Hospital which led one lifelong Tory to publicly announce she will vote for Nik. Nik gained by far the most applause of any of the candidates throughout the evening, and forcefully announced Labour pledges on the economy and infrastructure, jobs, living wages, housing and education.


Excerpts from the Hunts Post coverage of the Hustings event at Huntingdon Regional College on Thursday April 16th.

The Hunts Post report is really a summary of Nik’s words, slightly corrected below. Hear the real thing in this 30 second video link.

“I am English. British and

also European. We get more benefit

from being part of the EU, than

negatives. We benefitted from the

EU working time directive and it’s

only because of the EU that

junior doctors are not falling asleep

on the job due to working hours regulations.

A referendum is not a priority

of a Labour government so much

as the economy and NHS. If there

is a significant

change in the arrangement. then

there would be a referendum.”


Dr Nik Johnson made a

pledge to bring about higher

living standards for families.

“Labour will freeze energy bills

and challenge the big six energy

companies and force hills down.

By 2ll9 the minimum wage will

be increased to £10 and there will

be an increase in the level of free

child care.”


“Housing and growth is a

good sign that the area is improving

ins. we need more housing and real

meaningful jobs. Our focus would

be on education, education, education.

We need more independent shops

and co-operatives on the High

Street and the development of art

installations and a café culture.

And why don’t we make more of

the Oliver Cromwell connection in

this area?”


“The growing elderly popu-

lation does present challenges.

especially increasing health

needs. I am very proud of our

NHS. We need to invest and

increase the number of nurses.

doctors and carers.”


“There’s no one on this

panel that knows Hinchingbrooke

Hospital better than I. We have a

funding deficit at Hinchingbrooke

of £12m. With Peterborough and

Addenbrooke’s, three hospitals

are wanting to provide acute care.

Hinchingbrooke will be targeted.

NHS needs more funding. Money

from the mansion tax will be put in to

NHS. I will make sure the level of

service remains the same. At the

top of my list is saving all services

at Hinchingbrooke Hospital.”

(hear some of Nik’s actual words here)




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